Support Vehicles

Support vehicles
Support vehicles supplied by Hyundai and fueled by QBE Motorcycle Insurance

With huge thanks to Hyundai for supplying two support vans and QBE Motorcycle Insurance for the fuel here is a first look at part of the support we will have on this trip that starts for me in (checks watch) less than 22 hours. Gotta say they look really sharp and will make a great conversation point at each stop – oh along with the 52 motorcycles of course.

It’s a great comfort to know that we do have the support on this ride and it is also very important to note that all the people driving in these vehicles are also volunteers.  That’s right, they are paying their own way round on this trip too just like the motorcyclists. 

Another good thing is each support vehicle – of which there are a total of four – will have a licensed rider on board.  So in the event someone desperately needs a break their bike will be taken care of and they can jump into a comfortable seat, with air conditioned climate control, on soft suspension, no longer buffeted by the wind or pulling bugs out of their teeth, and listen to some sweet sweet tunes on the radio.  Wait…

Support While on the Road

Some great news recently as we receive more information from the Steven Walter Foundation.  In our forum where participants of the ride can discuss ideas for the upcoming trip someone asked about support vehicles. This is what Allan from SWF had to say:

At this point we have five support vehicles and this should not change we hope. Four of the vehicles will be able to transport at least one bike and a passenger, each vehicle will have a rider on board with gear to ride if necessary.

We have at this stage – two mechanics, one doctor, and one paramedic (they are just along because they want to be involved) the others are all experienced at something (we hope). We will have one vehicle set up with generator (thanks to Honda) and a compressor and some general bits and pieces including a comprehensive tool kit. We will also look at taking some second hand tyres to fit most bikes just in case, if you have a one off that might present a problem.

 Now this is great news and has certainly gone a good way to helping ease my understanding wife’s concerns about being on the road for so long.  To know there is help in front, in the middle and from behind takes the weight off my own mind as well.