A test on a slow speed network

Sitting in a little cafe at the moment and have noticed I am not getting 3g access on my iPhone. So this is a quick post with a bit of text to see how long it will take to upload and if it is any good. As an example I tried browsing the Borders books website and it took an atrociously long time to load. Was it just the site or is the non 3g just not cutting the mustard.

This post will be deleted, maybe.

edit: later in the evening I updated this post. The transfer over the slow wire seemed to go good enough, but there are some pretty high doubts as to posting images over a similar link. I’ll leave these posts instead of deleting as originally stated as other iPhone WordPress bloggers might find the information of some use (don’t be scared to leave a comment if you do).

p.s. I’ll try to keep these testing posts to a minimum.

The iPhone Wins

Well at the moment this post is coming to you from my new iPhone. That’s right the decision has been made, helped in no small part by the battery dying on my old Samsung mobile.

So this is my first post via the WordPress app for the iPhone and I thought I would post an exciting picture of the new front tyre I had installed last week.

The tyre has relevance as it is a Metzler Marathon ME880 and with a bit of luck it should last until October and make the trip around Australia without needing a change.

First iPhone post, signing out.

edit: Ok so that wasn’t too painless. The typing speed is reasonably fast and I am now able to edit the post after the fact. Unfortunatly the image below which I took with my iPhone is too large, I’ll have to see if there is some kind of thumbnail function. Also don’t seem to have the ability to add meta tags. Still, for blogging on the road I think this should still do quite nicely and the more practice I have the better it should get.

Road Star front wheel with new rubber