Canon IXUS 130 IS

Canon IXUS 130 IS
IXUS 130 IS fits in the palm of my hand

So birthdays are a good thing to have. Woke up this morning to find my beautiful wife had bought me a Canon IXUS 130 IS digital camera. What’s awesome about this little number is that it is, well, little.

After my recent long weekend ride to Kevington I was keen to get a dedicated digital camera as the iPhone just wasn’t producing the pictures I would want while riding around Australia. But it needs to be small for easy access while at the same time have the ability to take a half decent photo. Unfortunately taking our digital SLR on the road would take up way too much room, and 14,000kms of a shaking 1.6 litre v-twin is probably not the best environment for such a device.

So as you can see the Canon IXUS 130 IS  is an extremely compact camera, yet it’s 14 mega pixels and has 4x optical zoom.  There’s always a trade-off with “compact” cameras when it comes to image quality but a quick scan of reviews this morning tells me it should be more than suitable for my purpose.  It also comes with a swag of features such as 28mm wide angle lens, face detection, motion detection, fish eye and “miniature” effects, and will accept SDXC memory cards which you can buy in 32Gb+ (it doesn’t come with any).  Oh and it only weighs 114g.

Canon IXUS 130 IS
Also fits in my jacket for easy access

Naturally I couldn’t wait to see how it would fit and it buries itself quite nicely in the front pocket of my vest allowing for easy access on the road (in fine weather, of course).  Plus it’s finished in a very suitable biker “flat black” as opposed to the myriad of other colours the Canon IXUS 130 IS can come in – I should be thankful my wife didn’t get something with more, flair…

Thanks Honey.

Techonology Conundrum – More

It seems the support for blogging tool functionality on an iPhone is a lot stronger than I would have thought (seeing as I am a bit new to this and all).

I’ve found there are various tools available from the Apple App Store to extend blogging functionality to an iPhone – be it the ability of posting to a blog or moderating comments in a blog, such as what this WordPress On The Go article advises.  What particularly interests me about the article is the talk of blogging photos from an iPhone.  I would find that ability very useful as taking lots of photos from the fantastic and varied landscapes Australia has to offer and posting them to this blog is incredibly appealing.

At this stage I would say the balance of my Technology Conundrum battle is:
iphone 2 – netbook 0