Damn Weather

Unfortunately my garage opens up straight west to the Brindabellas, and at this time of year when it is cold and raining if I have the garage door open I’m totally exposed to the elements.  At the prospect of losing yet another weekend’s worth of work I forced myself down into the garage today to get a few things done.

The rear cast wheel is now mounted for the first time, and seemed to go on without any issues.  I will need to check belt alignment soon.  I got the transfer case oil changed, but the shop that worked on the bike last stripped the head out of the fill level bolt (%$#*), so I was forced to put in what I hope was 400ml of oil.  And finally I also got the Bub’s Big Willys installed. 

Took a few minutes to get the bike started as it hasn’t been since June (again the cold and wet) but once it did get going the old girl roared to life with satisfying wisps of smoke from the exhaust gaskets burning in – smelt like, victory.  Due to the weather, and the fact I don’t have the rear fender on and that it is brand new rubber on the rear wheel, I haven’t been able to take her out for a quick cruise to see if all is OK.  Will have to look for a window of opportunity through the week for that.

So that is the right side of the bike done, now all that’s left is the left side to swap out the clutch plates.  Gee, won’t that be fun.

Oh and I might just mention that in two months today I should be in Tenterfield awaiting the official start of the Around Australia Ride on Monday 4 October.  That’s right, two months to go!

Time to Start Working on the Motorcycle

So with bang on (only) three and a half months to go I need to get cracking on the work I need to do to my Yamaha Road Star.  By 1 September I want to be at a stage where all work is completed so there is no last second mishaps.  This means I only have ten weekends to get everything done which should be fine, providing I don’t mess anything up along the way. There’s a number of tasks to do including:

  • Installing my rear Yamaha cast wheel
  • Change the exhausts from my Bub Jugg Huggers to my Bub Big Willys (quieter)
  • Rebuild front and rear brake master cylinders
  • Transfer case oil change
  • Engine oil change + some fresh spark plugs – I’ll be running Amsoil the whole way
  • Install new clutch plates
  • Hook up some kind of charging system for my iPhone
  • Get the sissy bar rebuilt now that I have installed some helicoils
  • Get the steering head bearings done
  • Oh and a heap of other stuff I’m sure

A small problem with doing this work at this time of year in Canberra is it gets quite cold.  No fun at all trying to work on a motorcycle in a freezing cold garage but at the end of the day I just have to harden up and get it done. And of course I still need to reach that $2,500 mark in fundraising for the Steven Walter Foundation – I get a little closer to each week.

Getting the Road Star Ready

Floating Rotor
Shiny new rotor

With the trip only (only?) 10 months away I decided I would put to good use a week off between Christmas and New Years and spend a couple of days doing maintenance to my bike.

Tasks completed:

  • installed new clutch cable
  • replaced the fork oil
  • installed SpeedBleeders in the calipers
  • fresh brake fluid for both front and rear brakes
  • new brake pads
  • new brake rotors
  • new manifold
  • adjusted the jetting in the Mikuni 42mm FlatSlide carb

Casualties (aren’t there always?):

  • stripped the head of a bolt in the front master cylinder (drilled out)
  • stripped the head of a bolt on the rear rotor (angle grinder and tapped out with a centre punch)
  • snapped a bolt off in the top triple tree pinch bars (no action)

All in all pretty happy with how things went.  I’ll have to be careful for the first few rides with both new pads and rotors but I’m sure the old girl has appreciated the attention.