Accommodation is Finalised

Steven Walter Foundation LogoAnother update from the Steven Walter Foundation in the mail – accommodation is locked in!  We previously received accommodation info from Tenterfield around to Scarborough in Perth.  Now we have the second half from Margaret River across to Lakes Entrance which is the last stop before Thredbo.  Only a couple of minor changes  to the itinerary and it is possible the group may be split up across some of the smaller towns as finding accommodation for what will probably be in excess of 60 people was probably a challenge.

So with a shade over five months to go things are getting interesting.  We now need to pay our accommodation deposits, start organising travel insurance and ambulance cover, decide where we want to service bikes and get new tyres and of course raise that minimum $2,500.  I also need to stitch up my own accommodation in Tenterfield (start) and Thredbo (finish).  Tenterfield should be fine but Thredbo may be problematic (for Thredbo booking agencies) as it is tough to book so far in advance for the Snowy Ride weekend as the place gets flooded with bikes.  I do have a booking in at Thredbo, but they won’t confirm it for a few months yet… Hope I’m not forced to look at Jindabyne instead.

Glenn “Toasty” Martin

Latest Update from the Steven Walter Foundation

Steven Walter Foundation LogoI came home today to find a big update from the Steven Walter Foundation waiting in the mailbox.  I couldn’t wait to get it open and was surprised by the amount of work that has happened in the last month!  There was quite a bit of information but to hit on the highlights:

  • The itinerary has changed with a start in Tenterfield instead of Ballina.  This is mainly due to that weekend in October being school holidays and accommodation being difficult to source – not to mention expensive – in Ballina.
  • We now have accomodation costs to approve from Bundaberg around to Perth (rest to come soon).  I was pleased to find the amounts aren’t as bad as I was expecting with the average overnight stay around $100 although there is a couple $200 nights in some of the remoter areas.
  • There are 77 people going on the ride – a little over 50 bikes and the rest pillions.
  • Fuel and rest stops are mapped out at a maximum 200km through the entire trip.  With such long distances regular breaks to stretch and rehydrate will be of the utmost importance

This is all really starting to come together and I can’t believe how excited I’m getting about the trip, it’s going to be such an adventure.  I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to Allan McGuirk and Susan Walter of the Steven Walter Foundation for the unbelievable amount of effort they are going through in organising this trip.  Truly a herculean effort!