The Snowy Ride – 6 November 2010

Steven Walter Foundation LogoThe Steven Walter Foundation’s annual Snowy Ride is only a couple of months away and promises to be another huge event.  Our big ride around Australia finishes in Thredbo on Friday the 5th of November just in time for the Snowy Ride.  Online registrations are now open and cost $60 per person, which includes a National Parks & Wildlife Service entry to the Kosciuszko National Park and an automatic entry into the draw for a Honda VFR1200 valued at $25,000 which has been donated by Honda Australia.  There are also opportunities to win further minor prizes by completing any three checkpoints on Saturday the 6th of November.

Now a word of warning, if you haven’t got your accommodation tee’d up for Thredbo yet then you better get your skates on as the small village books out fast.  There are other alternatives such as nearby Jindabyne or camping so there are a few options.

The Steven Walter Foundation, which is the organiser and main benefactor of the Snowy Ride, is a non-profit organisation which was started following the passing of nineteen year old Steven Walter after an eight year battle with cancer. The Foundation is involved in raising money for research into childhood cancer and the side effects of cancer treatment in children. All monies raised by the Foundation goes to childhood cancer research programs and suport of children with cancer.

Honda a Huge Supporter of the Steven Walter Foundation

Honda VFR 1200F
Honda VFR 1200F

Last week I received an update about the Snowy Ride in Thredbo which is where we will end our Around Australia journey.  Honda have stepped up the plate yet again and two bikes will be raffled off – a Honda VFR1200F and a HRC replica Fireblade.  I know I’ll be buying a ticket (or ten) in those raffles!  Honda is also providing some support for the around Australia ride as well with some support vehicles, how good is that?!

The Snowy Ride is on the 6th of November 2010 and you can find more information out about that event at the Snowy Ride website.

Support While on the Road

Some great news recently as we receive more information from the Steven Walter Foundation.  In our forum where participants of the ride can discuss ideas for the upcoming trip someone asked about support vehicles. This is what Allan from SWF had to say:

At this point we have five support vehicles and this should not change we hope. Four of the vehicles will be able to transport at least one bike and a passenger, each vehicle will have a rider on board with gear to ride if necessary.

We have at this stage – two mechanics, one doctor, and one paramedic (they are just along because they want to be involved) the others are all experienced at something (we hope). We will have one vehicle set up with generator (thanks to Honda) and a compressor and some general bits and pieces including a comprehensive tool kit. We will also look at taking some second hand tyres to fit most bikes just in case, if you have a one off that might present a problem.

 Now this is great news and has certainly gone a good way to helping ease my understanding wife’s concerns about being on the road for so long.  To know there is help in front, in the middle and from behind takes the weight off my own mind as well.