Getting the Road Star Ready

Floating Rotor
Shiny new rotor

With the trip only (only?) 10 months away I decided I would put to good use a week off between Christmas and New Years and spend a couple of days doing maintenance to my bike.

Tasks completed:

  • installed new clutch cable
  • replaced the fork oil
  • installed SpeedBleeders in the calipers
  • fresh brake fluid for both front and rear brakes
  • new brake pads
  • new brake rotors
  • new manifold
  • adjusted the jetting in the Mikuni 42mm FlatSlide carb

Casualties (aren’t there always?):

  • stripped the head of a bolt in the front master cylinder (drilled out)
  • stripped the head of a bolt on the rear rotor (angle grinder and tapped out with a centre punch)
  • snapped a bolt off in the top triple tree pinch bars (no action)

All in all pretty happy with how things went.  I’ll have to be careful for the first few rides with both new pads and rotors but I’m sure the old girl has appreciated the attention.