The Serious Side to Ride Around Australia

Sienna Hoffmann
Sienna Hoffmann

I keep saying what a great adventure and experience the Ride Around Australia trip is going to be, but of course there is a serious side to why we’re doing this.

Neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive disease, is responsible for around 15% of cancer related deaths in children.  Sienna Hoffmann was diagnosed with this cancer in March 2008 and despite intense treatments she relapsed twice. According to an article at the Sydney Morning Herald published in January 2010 doctors have given Sienna less than six months to live.

Sadly, the Steven Walter Foundation advises that Sienna has since passed away after the article was published. It’s stories like Sienna’s that make the Steven Walter Foundation even more determined towards achieving the goal of curing 100% of children with cancer.  It also brings home to me the seriousness behind what we are are doing and how important it is to be raising money towards the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA). I only hope I have the strength to carry the weight of these small and beautiful angels with me around Australia on my motorbike.

A gala dinner will be held at the Kirribilli Club on March 18 2010 to raise awareness and funding for neuroblastoma with all proceeds going to the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia.  Contact details are available at the bottom of the SMH article.