Fundraising – Doesn’t Have to be a Chore

I’ve had limited fundraising experience but did raise over $1500 a couple of years ago for Shave 4 a Cure by, you guessed it, shaving my head. You don’t have to go to the extent of shaving your head to raise money (but hey, don’t leave it off the table) and it can start with the most basic things:

  • Write up a nice email about the cause and send it out to work, friends and family – be sure to include information on how you will collect money.
  • At the end of the email add that if people sent the emails to other people it would help.
  • If you have a nice motorbike (say a Yamaha Road Star?) then run a raffle. The prize, a loop of a local scenic area.
  • Don’t have a bike you think would be a drawcard, how about a mate with a nice car to take a lucky someone for a spin.
  • Put out a challenge at work, you will if you can raise a minimum amount of money like $100/$500/$1000.
  • Have a morning tea and ask for a simple gold coin donation.
  • If you have a hobby, like woodturning or glass bead making, have a “silent auction” for your creations with the proceeds going to your cause.
  • Clear out that back room you have always been meaning to – lets face it you don’t need all that stuff – and either have a garage sale or put stuff on eBay and donate a portion (or all?) of the proceeds to you cause.
  • If you have a Trade (carpentry, plumbing, etc), auction your services for a job and donate a portion (or all?) of the profit.

Every one of those things will generate a small and ongoing amount of interest, especially if you make it clear what you are doing it for. Start now, take it slow and steady and you will be surprised how the small amounts begin to add up to something big!

Fundraising via Everyday Hero

Everyday Hero

Fundraising is always one of those interesting topics, in particular how to receive donations and make sure everything is hunky-dory for tax purposes.  In a recent update from the Steven Walter Foundation we have been advised they support the use of a site called Everyday Hero.  Now I’m slightly familiar with the site as a colleague at work uses it each year for his City to Surf fundraising. Essentially you create an account, nominate the charity you want the donations to go to, and then start spreading the word.

What makes this site valuable to someone like me is that people can make donations directly to the Steven Walter Foundation without me needing to handle money and issue receipts.  People who donate via the site receive an email with everything they need for tax time, quickly, easily and securely.  It will also allow me to track how much fundraising I have done and how far I need to go.

But there’s more!  They also have a Team Page ability where a person can setup a Team and have other people join.  What this does is allows a Team total to be tracked as well as individual totals.  So with blessings from the Steven Walter Foundation I created a Team page as well as my own page.  We’ll see how this works out over time but it certainly looks like a great way to go.

Edit: the links to EveryDay Hero are no longer working as the ride is over, however I raised in excess of $3,000