Day -2 Canberra to Tamworth

G’day mate, where you heading?
Around Australia.
Fair dinkum?! That sounds like a great trip, how long will it take?
Five weeks all up.
Five weeks?! Wow that is going to be huge!
Wow is right.

I’ve had that conversation few times already and it hasn’t got old yet. So yesterday was the first of two unofficial days for the Around Australia ride. I say unofficial because it is from Tenterfield on Monday that the ride truly starts. These two days from Canberra to Tamworth and then Tamworth to Tenterfield are just the teaser for what’s to come.

My day started with firing up the bike at 7am after a teary farewell with my wife. I was sad ti be leaving, surprisingly, but also very excited to be going. I met up with Donna, Rick and Bob for the run up to Tamworth. Donna and Bob are on Ducatis with Donna’s husband Rick driving one of the support vehicles.

Not a lot to say about the day, which was 675kms in total, because the weather was lousy. Cold, wet, blustery. From Sydney the wet weather gear was on and didn’t come off for the rest if the day. The Spume Highway was as dead boring as ever. It could have got more interesting when we turned off for Cessnock except the roads were so greasy they required nothing less than 100% concentration which can be very fatiguing.

We pulled into Tamworth around 5pm so all up is was a ten hour day. The wet roads, holiday traffic and no end of small towns slowing us up meant a long time in the saddle.

Sorry no pictures as the mobile coverage where I am isn’t 3G and seeing as I an writing this from Tenterfield on Sunday the bar is calling with a lot of new friends to meet.