Another sunset over Scarborough

Day 19 Rest day in Scarborough

Sorry for the lack of photos in this update, I was just too chillaxed to take any.

Day 19 of the Around Australia Ride was a rest day in the suburb of Scarborough, Perth.  This was also intended to be a bit of a service stop for riders as we would have been on the road some 8-9,000kms by this stage.  I decided I would only get a tyre change and had this completed the day before so I could spend the entire day just relaxing, and relax I did.  Whilst other riders shot to all points of the Perth compass for servicing, exploring “Free-o”, boat rides and other such things – I went nowhere.

That’s right, I didn’t even fire the bike up, choosing instead to have a long breakfast while I did some updates to the blog.  This was followed by a massage which while nice was not quite the “deep tissue massage” I was expecting.  I guess that is what I get for going to a day spa for a massage instead of a proper remedial clinic.  But it was only a walk across the road and the foot bath before the massage (?!???!??) was quite pleasant too.

After the massage it was time for a walk along the beach.  I went north as far as I could and got a little extra sun.  Cringing as I write this but it wasn’t as nice as Cable Beach with its hard packed sand, but it was a warm day, not too windy and gave the legs a good workout that they needed.

Once the walk was done it was time for lunch at a local Dome franchise which I quite enjoyed – finally, a risotto that has been cooked properly.  I lingered there quite a bit as the restaurant had a great view of the water.

Another sunset over Scarborough
Another sunset over Scarborough

Once that was done it was back to the motel for another update and what the hell, a long bath.  When I said I had a relaxing day I’m not joking.  It was all wrapped up with some drinks at a pub and watching the sun go down over the Indian Ocean, probably for the last time.  Tomorrow we are off to Margaret River.  It’s only a short day so I’ll either get there extra early, or quite late if the exploring is good.

So there you go, quite a short update and some might be wondering with all that Perth has to offer why didn’t I get out more?  To be honest Perth is somewhere I can visit anytime I have the inclination, it’s not out of the way, it’s accessible and I am sure I will come back again.  I really needed the break here and the thought of getting on the bike to go anywhere just didn’t appeal at all. I feel much better for just relaxing around Scarborough and I would rather choose to take time-out here than be forced to take it later down the track at somewhere I DO want to explore.

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Hi, my name is Glenn Martin and in October 2010 I’ll be taking part in the Steven Walter Foundation “Ride Around Australia”. All participants are being asked to raise at least $2,500 to donate to the Steven Walter Foundation that goes to research into childhood cancer. I’m currently in my 30s, an IT professional living in Canberra Australia for the past 15 years or so. I’ve ridden motorbikes for 20 years and for the last 10 years my ride has been a ‘99 Yamaha Road Star, a big Japanese 1600cc V-Twin cruiser.

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  1. Hi Glenn,

    Yea I’m the same, when we are on a big trip we avoid the big places or use them as down time for the same reason you did.

    Oh and I could just picture the biker dude walking into the day spa and getting a foot bath… CLASSIC!!

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