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Holy cow! We’ve received an updated recently and the final numbers are in – 50 bikes! That’s right, you need to count every one, 50!  Plus some 10 pillions or so!  And that’s not all; it looks like the Steven Walter Foundation is going to have us doing the trip as one group.  That is awesome!  I was hoping we would be able to do the journey together instead of being split into two groups with a day’s lag time between start and finishes. 

This doesn’t mean we’re going to be riding as one big group, that would be a bit unwieldy especially as fatigue will start setting in after a week or two into the ride.  No what it will mean is that we’ll all be setting off on each leg on the same day.  Riders will be free to ride at their own pace so I can be out in front if I get an early start, or somewhere in the middle if I want to linger over breakfast, or maybe bring up the rear if I want a bit of a sleep in.

What I think it will be is a logistical nightmare for the organisers; I mean talk about herding cats when you’re trying to get 50 bikes on the road.  But I’m sure they will be up to the task and remember this is the same group responsible for the Snowy Ride each year so they have a good amount of experience in project management (good luck all the same!).

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Hi, my name is Glenn Martin and in October 2010 I’ll be taking part in the Steven Walter Foundation “Ride Around Australia”. All participants are being asked to raise at least $2,500 to donate to the Steven Walter Foundation that goes to research into childhood cancer. I’m currently in my 30s, an IT professional living in Canberra Australia for the past 15 years or so. I’ve ridden motorbikes for 20 years and for the last 10 years my ride has been a ‘99 Yamaha Road Star, a big Japanese 1600cc V-Twin cruiser.

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